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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's September and the Press Coverage Keeps Rolling In

People keep buying, the stores keep re-ordering and the press keeps singing the book's praises. The latest fabulous write-up is in Departure Magazine's new Style issue. Among 29 amazing titles, "Designers Here and There" is one of a mere handful singled out as "required reading."
September's Traditional Home says the book provides "endless inspiration," and is described as a "treat" in the May/June issue of Veranda. It was the cover story of May's San Francisco Chronicle's Home Magazine, and photos of Lee Bierly and Christopher Drake's townhouse and their entire profile from the book were splashed across the pages of the April 18th Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. The Ft. Worth-Star Telegram gave it raves, Dallas and Houston editions of Modern Luxury will feature interviews with me this summer, and just in Baltimore Magazine ran a lovely feature this month. Many of the interior design blogs including Casa Sugar, Decor Dallas and Daily Hauteness gave it their blessings, describing "Designers Here and There" as a must-read.

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