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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beautiful Basics

To many homeowners, kitchens and baths are the most important rooms in the house. And why not? The first is a comfortable place to gather friends and family; the second a retreat in which to relax, recharge, and let the woes of the day literally disappear down the drain. There are some fabulous ones in the book besides the two here: Eve Robinson's Watermill, New York kitchen and Michael Berman's Los Angeles bathroom. Enjoy!

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  1. Michele's insights are so on target. Definitely, the kitchen and bath are two of the most important rooms in a home, both functionally and aesthetically.

    In NYC especially, where space is at a premium and life is hectic. The kitchen is often the gathering place, and the bath and bedroom are a place for solace.

    Sandra Kilsby
    Kilsby Designs, Ltd.