Author of Designers Here and There: Inside the City and Country Homes of America's Top Decorators

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Joined my friend Patsy Kahn and a bunch of "Rosie's Theater Kids" for a fun Saturday outing. A wonderful group begun by Rosie O'Donnell, it works with the NYC school system and introduces kids to theater, dance and music through classes and visits like the one we took to the World Financial Center's CANSTRUCTION exhibit on Saturday the 21st.
A must for everyone young and old the exhibit consists of twenty-five artists' amazing sculptures made without any glue from full food cans. Once the exhibit is over, the approximately 100,000 cans will be given to City Harvest.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

What's Been Happening Lately

Taking in Brooklyn 's new buildings and beautiful, historic homes . . . going to interior design events . . . watching the Marathon right outside my living room window. I feel so lucky to live in Manhattan. Used to think it wasn't the Center of the Universe, but now I think it just might be.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kips Bay 2010

And to think it might not have happened! Some of the wonders to see: Eve Robinson's kitchen with her signature wallpapered ceiling and amazing artwork, the serenely beautiful aqua and dusty gold palette created by Elizabeth Pyne, clever peek-a-boo wallpaper created by Brett Design, Vicente Wolf's take on a wood-paneled room, the cleverly mirrored garden centered with a gazebo, and the deep charcoal-colored, nailhead wall covering in the Robert Verdi/Deirdre D'Elia space among many others. The party at Asia Society that followed was a mob scene...fantastic forest setting, delish hors d'oeuvres...kudos to Matthew Smyth and his team for pulling it all together.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Never a Dull Moment in NYC

Nothing stops Interior Design Week in NYC, even having the Security Council in session and all its accoutrements -- sand trucks blocking streets, police men and women swarming about, Secret Service agents on their walkie talkies.

Rue Magazine's party at the NYDC was a smash hit last nite, everyone glammed up for the evening, many open houses at various showrooms, and tomorrow begins "What's New What's Next at the NYDC -- seminars, conversations with designers and new products in 80 showrooms!

New York's Finest -- Out in Force

It's certainly not stopping the Interior Design Week events in NYC, but the Security Council is in session, which means streets blocked off, Secret Service men and women plugged into and talking on their walkie-talkies, sand trucks positioned to stop traffic and police everywhere!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A New Chapter Has Begun -- And It's For YOU!

BOOKS UNLIMITED is open for business. The experiences I encountered with my own highly successful books helped me shape a uniquely practical system that can be put to good use by designers of homes, furnishings and accessories.

Let me guide you through the confusing maze of challenges involved in creating, publishing and selling the book you always wanted, one that sets you apart and presents you as a unique individual . . . a book that helps you build your brand.

Your friends can't do it. Your agent won't. I will.

So call me. You've nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's September and the Press Coverage Keeps Rolling In

People keep buying, the stores keep re-ordering and the press keeps singing the book's praises. The latest fabulous write-up is in Departure Magazine's new Style issue. Among 29 amazing titles, "Designers Here and There" is one of a mere handful singled out as "required reading."
September's Traditional Home says the book provides "endless inspiration," and is described as a "treat" in the May/June issue of Veranda. It was the cover story of May's San Francisco Chronicle's Home Magazine, and photos of Lee Bierly and Christopher Drake's townhouse and their entire profile from the book were splashed across the pages of the April 18th Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. The Ft. Worth-Star Telegram gave it raves, Dallas and Houston editions of Modern Luxury will feature interviews with me this summer, and just in Baltimore Magazine ran a lovely feature this month. Many of the interior design blogs including Casa Sugar, Decor Dallas and Daily Hauteness gave it their blessings, describing "Designers Here and There" as a must-read.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Books Make the Birthday

Today's my birthday ... yes, 21 again ... and I got the best present ever: "Designers Here and There" is going into a second printing! Am I happy or what?!? And according to my friends in Europe, it's getting attention over there, as well. When you're next in Paris, stop into Galignani, American University of Paris Bookstore, Tea and Tattered Pages and W.H. Smith. In Milan it's in Libraria Melting Pot and Panton's English Bookshop.
Now if someone would jet me over so I could do some book signings ...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Book Signings Around the Country

All the signings -- San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Santa Fe -- were fantastic experiences. It was wonderful to see old friends and make new ones. Plus spending time with the designers was invaluable. I'm full of new ideas now for books and articles. Stay tuned. And visit my Facebook page to see photos from all of them.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Launch Party -- April 14th

"Designers Here and There" was officially launched on April 14th at an elegant and fun party held at the Spanierman Modern art gallery in NYC. Friends, press and many of the designers profiled in the book -- Renea Abbot and Beverly Jacomini from Houston, Larry Boeder from Chicago, Sue Burgess from Washington, DC, John Marrs from Dallas, and Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, Eve Robinson and Vicente Wolf from NYC -- were in attendance signing books along with me. There was such a lively atmosphere, some people danced!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Press Gives Thumbs-Up to "Designers Here and There"

An author couldn't ask for more! On March 25th, The New York Times ran a wonderful review of the book, and included a beautiful photo of the cover. I love the editor's closing line: "Read and be inspired, or jealous. Or both."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today's the Day

"Designers Here and There" arrives in bookstores today. From usual suspects like Borders -- I was just told the one on Park Avenue in NYC has already sold out -- Barnes & Noble, Rizzoli and Archivia in New York to Books & Books in Miami, Walker Museum Art Book Center in Minneapolis and MoMA in San Francisco to the California hotel chain Ayres Hotels and Suites. It's in Canada too, from Vancouver in the west to Quebec and Toronto in the East, Paris, Milan and London.
A joyous day for all those involved especially my editor Stacee Lawrence at The Monacelli Press, a Random House imprint, and my friends and the designers profiled in the book. I'm a happy camper!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Architectural Digest Show

So much under one roof! Always a must, this year's show is better than ever. The New York Times' seminars featured designers as eloquent as they are creative, including Eric Cohler. He spoke about color and texture, using some of the photos of his East Side duplex from the book to illustrate his theories. And I was lucky enough to be present for the first sale at the Potterton Books stand!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

People are Scooping Up the Book on Amazon!

Wow! "Designers Here and There" is #22 on Amazon's Top 50 list of residential interior design books...and it's not even out yet. Big hugs to everyone who's bought it so far. I'm a happy camper (in a gorgeous home, of course, not a tent).

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Countdown Begins

"Designers Here and There" will be released March 23rd. You'll find it in stores big, medium and small throughout the country: Barnes & Noble, Borders, Rizzoli, Gump's, Poetry & Prose, Archivia, River Oaks Bookstore and Gump's, along with many of the design centers' shops, as well. It's on all the websites, too, and can be pre-ordered.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beautiful Basics

To many homeowners, kitchens and baths are the most important rooms in the house. And why not? The first is a comfortable place to gather friends and family; the second a retreat in which to relax, recharge, and let the woes of the day literally disappear down the drain. There are some fabulous ones in the book besides the two here: Eve Robinson's Watermill, New York kitchen and Michael Berman's Los Angeles bathroom. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Inspiration Is All Around Us

Stephen Shubel finds inspiration everywhere. Most recently it was the spas he enjoyed at the Biltmore Four Seasons, Santa Barbara, and Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills, that caught his attention. "They were unbelievable," he says. "I simply had to add something similar to my Sausalito home." So he did. With a built-in sound system, mood lighting and aromatherapy among other amenities, "It's the most serene environment, truly a place to restore my body and refresh my spirit." It doesn't hurt that the San Francisco skyline, Bay Bridge and Angel Island can be seen from the windows. The spa, which includes an ensuite sitting rooom, is floored in creamy white, Arizona river rock installed by contractor Dan Obrien for a garden-like feel. Fittings from Restoration Hardware complete the look. Too bad Shubel is so busy with design projects he isn't there as often as he'd like.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting Ready for Book-Signing Tour

Nothing like a little downtime after skiing all day. Resting up here in the snow for my book tour that begins mid-April -- NYC, Washington, DC, Palm Beach, Houston, Dallas, Santa Fe, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. Stay tuned for schedule.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Go Red for Women

It's "Go Red for Women" month... time to raise awarenss and funds to help women fight heart disease and stroke, the evils that take one woman's life every minute! Spread the word, give money.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blue Blue Blue

Have you picked up the March issue of "House Beautiful" filled with info, pictures and ideas about Americans' favorite color? How many shades of blue could there be? Don't know, but there is definitely one for everyone. Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz used a delphinium shade for one of the guest rooms in his beach house. It's pictured in "Designers Here and There" available now on Stephen Shubel, also in my book, opines on blue in "The Last Words" column. His pithy comment is to be careful because in general blues are "not so great for most skin tones." Better choices are yellows, peaches and pinks. The above picture is a piece by Dale Chihuly, a favorite artist of Sana Fe designer Pam Duncan, who has several such pieces in her home profiled in the book.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just read of Eric Cohler's adoration for "I Love Lucy" while he was growing me! And yet, he didn't mention that when I interviewed him for the book...tho he told me all about his ghost-busting antics, and of course, the palm reading which I've experienced! One of the nicest, as well as most talented, designers around.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I just love Amy Lau's new fabric collection for S. Harris -- fresh, fun, applicable to so many purposes. I also love what she graciously wrote for my book jacket: "Up close and personal views of some of my favorite interior designers -- plus their favorite decorating tips -- make this book a must-read."

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A huge thank you to renowned interior designer Mary Douglas Drysdale who said this about the book, "Michele Keith provides great insight into the lives and personalities of some of our most celebrated designers through beautiful photographs of their homes. This book is for everyone who would like to discover how those who design for others design for themselves."